Cheesy Dates are the Best Dates

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been on a number of very nice dates in my time. Even a few down right fancy ones. At venues and restaurants I really have… Continue reading

Yes, Chilaquiles!

You know what I absolutely love? It’s the same reason The Mission in North Park is my favorite place for breakfast… anyone?? Chila-f*cking-quiles They are so good! How are they so good?!? It’s chips!… Continue reading

Grill a Steak and Wear an Apron

Every so often I get the opportunity to at least try to impress someone by cooking for them. It can make me a little nervous so I try to do something simple and easy… Continue reading

“Salmon or Trout?”

Doing a Bjork impression always helps me concentrate. And if I am going to get through this backlog of recipes I am going to need to concentrate. So let’s begin. “I throw nickels… Continue reading

The Fumbled Rumble

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bacon is a lazy cop-out. Earlier this month I got together with a group of people, with whom I share a common interest, for… Continue reading

Spring Time Potato & Summer Squash Torte

I’m calling this a torte even though it didn’t quite turn out looking like one exactly. Maybe it’s more of an au gratin? Maybe I should just get off my high horse and… Continue reading

Cheese Waffles?

Prepare to be appalled. Breakfast is my least favorite meal. For the most part, I’m just not a big fan of the fare. I’m snobby about my eggs. Due to my lack of a… Continue reading

Oven Baked Yukon Gold and Carrot Latkes

I adore Yukon Gold potatoes. They surpass Russetts in every application. They make better french fries, better mashed, better soup, better anything! They are creamy, velvety, rich and buttery in flavor. They lend… Continue reading

A Few Words on Bacon

Like any good omnivore I very much enjoy bacon. Bacon is delicious. Bacon can find a rightful place at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bacon can be a simple delight on it’s own or… Continue reading

Fancy Cheese and Fancy Wine

I’m not usually one to admit where I lack in sophistication. But it is impossible to have had a thing until you have had it. Therefore I am not ashamed to tell you… Continue reading